Lahore City Metro service

Main Reverend of Punjab Main Sharif declares a metro bus job for Lahore. It had been inaugurated on February 10, 2013 and comprising 27 coach channels. Areas and the avenues were embellished with cards that were delightful re-presenting the tradition that was Pakistani. A service was participated in by a high stage Turkish delegation headed by the Turkish prime-minister.

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Shortfall of electricity

Electricity is really very important for the common use and for the industry too.
I think all countries must be able for self-production in the field of electricity.
For the lightening of houses and paths it is really very important.
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Pakistan and India

Pakistan and India are the neighbor countries in Asia, and were the one country in subcontinent. 1947 Pakistan got freedom not only from the British rulers but also from India.  Relationship between India and Pakistan has been very important from the day one. Lees verder...